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Received:September 07, 2009Revised:September 09, 2009
Design and implementation of a leader-follower cooperative control system for unmanned helicopters
Ben YUN,Ben M. CHEN,Kai Yew LUM,Tong H. LEE
(National University of Singapore)
In this paper, we present a full scheme for the cooperative control of multiple unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) helicopters. We adopt the leader-follower pattern to maintain a fixed geometrical formation while navigating the UAVs following certain trajectories. More specifically, the leader is commanded to fly on some predefined trajectories, and each follower is controlled to maintain its position in formation using the measurement of its inertial position and the information of the leader position and velocity, obtained through a wireless modem. More specifications are made for multiple UAV formation flight. In order to avoid possible collisions of UAV helicopters in the actual formation flight test, a collision avoidance scheme based on some predefined alert zones and protected zones is employed. Simulations and experimental results are presented to verify our design.
Key words:  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  Cooperative Control  Flight Formation  Collision Avoidance